The Oscar saving limousines business

There may be crises in the world, but from a limousine is life otherwise. The economic problems are affecting Hollywood stars like the rest of us (well, maybe a little less …) but no one will get to an awards show of the many that between January and February in a car luxury black.

The truth is that the Oscar awards season culminating in the United States and with them, a boom period for limousine companies, which from then until year end are little ‘glamor’ to the business. Some companies in this sector in California barely surviving infected by the lack of general credit and spending cuts in the multinationals, especially the entertainment, which feed the industry.

However, January and February is their inspiration for their bottom thanks to the numerous trips to red carpets that are in demand especially in Los Angeles for awards such as the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the Oscars.
“The 29 car of my fleet are reserved for Oscar” has confirmed the vice president of operations Prime Limousine Service, Alex Tuzman, who has spent 12 years dedicated to the transport sector, the last five full to the luxury services.

“Currently, more movement, more than in the previous months, but do not know how we do when we pass the Oscars. The crisis is very hard and started to suffer more than a year ago with the writers strike,” says bitterly . The rest of 2008, the company saw its trips to the airport fell, the most common of its services, from 70 per day to an average of 15.

But then, next Sunday will have to go to the airport of Los Angeles in a simple taxi. The limousines are all occupied. Or does the Brangelina should lead by example on and off the foot of the red carpet at the Oscars in a family car with child seats included?

Source: Reuters


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