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Transportation for a visiting delegation, a meeting or a seminar can be nightmare to arrange with conflicting schedules and the need to get the right people to the right place at the exact time. It is common for groups to hire a group of cabs or to hire a couple of minivans and appoint some employees as drivers.

This can lead to many problems, as it is very expensive and difficult to have a group of cabs at call as you will need to act as their coordinator taking time away from ensuring that the corporate event is ready to go. The corporate image presented is also not the best when using cabs for transportation. You can get a range of drivers and they are generally not trained to do anything more than move people from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

A better corporate image is presented by using minivans and your own employees but there are other problems. Your employees are unlikely to be trained as a professional driver this can present legal problems if they are involved in an accident while transporting your guests between meetings and other venues.

LA-Limo can help you provide the best service to your clients and present the right corporate image with professional chauffeurs that are fully licensed and insured. Our Transport Consultants can organize your transport needs and is always available in the case plans go awry and changes need to be made. You just need to provide itinerary information and numbers and your dedicated Transport Consultant will construct a full transportation plan. This allows you to concentrate on your corporate event in the knowledge that your clients and guests are being taken care of by LA-Limo and will arrive on time.

Let LA-Limo make your next corporate event simpler with our transportation services.