Party Bus Limo Los Angeles

Coach Bus Service

LA-Limo is well known for its limousine and car service, but did you know that they have a range of Coaches that can be used as well.

A Coach Bus is the perfect way to move a large group of people quickly and easily. They are available for short or long term higher so that no matter your needs LA-Limo has a suitable solution.

Each coach bus is kept in tip-top mechanical condition to ensure the highest reliability. The entire fleet is made up of modern vehicles that meet the highest standards. They range from 24 passenger models up to 55 passenger models and if needed multiple vehicle can be assigned giving a huge ability to transport very large groups.

If you have a large group coming into any of the airports surrounding the city then we can transport them to a single or multiple destinations. We can also pick up in the same fashion and get the entire group to the airport in air-conditioned comfort with all of their luggage. This can be a very economical way to arrange group transport with the per passenger price being surprisingly low. Talk to a consultant today and let us take care of getting your group to and from the airport or any other destination in comfort and at the right price.

We specialize in group transportation in the Los Angeles area and we can arrange a coach for your next outing. This takes the worry out of getting to and from locations that do not have adequate parking. We drop you at the front door and pick you up when you are ready to return. This is a popular service with senior citizen groups as limits the walking that they need to do and enables them to have a pleasant day without worrying about transportation. We are happy to help with journeys that have multiple destinations or with groups that are going to different destinations. Our consultant can arrange everything for you.

If you need a large group of people transported, then LA-Limo has a Coach Bus to suit you.