Los Angeles Limo Shuttle Services

Limousine Shuttle Service

If you need to get people between two points then why not consider using LA-Limo. Let us organize an appropriate shuttle service for you. A shuttle service can be customized to suit any special needs that you have. We can operate the service during the hours you require even if they are outside of normal operating hours of other services.
A shuttle service can be as simple or as complicated as you need. A simple call to our consultants and they will give you all the information you need and may have some suggestions on how you could achieve your needs in a more cost effective fashion. Transportation of people in comfort is our specialty so you can be sure that the solution that we come up with will have everyone delivered to their destination relaxed and ready to go.
When you are looking at a shuttle service here are a few things that you need to consider. How many vehicles do you need? It can sometimes be better to have two smaller vehicles rather than a single larger vehicle. This increases the frequency of the service but also will increase the cost somewhat.

Another consideration is the sort of vehicle that you wish to use. The fleet available is extensive with vehicles that can accommodate two people up to fifty people. You may also want to have a VIP shuttle operating with a limousine or luxury SUV and a van or bus for others. We can accommodate any of these requirements and are able to quickly, respond if you find that you need to change arrangements because of an unforeseen change of plans.

Let LA-Limo provide a shuttle service to help meet the transportation needs over the short term or the long term we are here to help you.