LA-LIMO Service offers a variety of services to match the needs of even our most exacting clients. Among the services we place at your disposal are:

Airport Service

With the TSA being what it is, and planes constantly cramming more and more people into less and less time and space, even first class travel has become a source of stress and discomfort these days. Instead of adding to that by cramming yourself into a yellow cab, relieve that tension by slipping into the luxury of a limousine. LA-Limo maintains a dedicated squad of Airport Liaisons that will make sure that your car is waiting for you with the door open, no matter how unexpectedly late or early your flight lands.


Corporate/Executive Transport

Corporate events, from simple meetings to massive seminars, require an extraordinary amount of planning and excellent timing to pull off. Allow LA-Limo to be your Transportation Consultant. Our experts know and understand every detail of your transportation needs; we can save you time and allow you to focus on the importance of your upcoming event. We make sure everyone gets where they need to be on time — you take care of the rest.

Car Service

LA-Limo has a reputation as a discreet, reliable, and professional service capable of taking even exotic special requests and making them happen with class and style. No matter what the event, we have a limousine, sedan, or SUV that can bring you there on time and in style. Need a snack between time-sensitive stops, a specific soundtrack to relax to, or to avoid a particular route or area on your way? Not a problem — just let us know, and we can provide.


Limousine Rental

Is there something special coming up in your life? Whether you’re looking for an open top to stand up in and wave as you arrive at the homecoming dance or you just need to get you and a few treasured guests from your home downtown up to the chalet in time for some afternoon slalom, LA-Limousine can get you there with the style you deserve.

Concerts and Shows

Maybe you’re going to see Salomé at the Philharmonic and you want to keep the ambiance at that level of taste all the way back home. Maybe you’re going to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the Roxy and you’re not sure just how well you’ll be able to drive home after the after-party. Whatever your concerns are, you can put them in LA-Limo’s hands, and we’ll take care of you from scene to your front door.


Cruise Ports

Arrive at — or depart — your cruise ship with flair…and having a chauffeur to help with all that luggage doesn’t hurt, either. Whether you’re looking to start your vacation a little early or stretch it out just a little longer, LA-Limo takes the luxury and fun past the gangplank.

Tours and Shopping

There’s no better way to enjoy LA and it’s surrounding areas than by sightseeing and enjoying the shopping district — and there’s no better way to sightsee or shop than from the back of a gorgeous, comfortable, and fun LA Limousine. We’ll provide an easy place to put your goods, a quiet and cool place to rest between bursts of retail therapy.



A convention planner is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the convention experience for his most honored guests — consider what LA-Limo can do for you. Safe and hassle-free trips from the airport to the convention center, guaranteed to get there on time. A special limo set aside for your key people’s families, so they can enjoy LA’s scenery while your key people make the convention come together. A no-wait, no-hassle ride to the hotel or the post-convention celebration. These are us just some of the ways that LA-Limo can help make your convention a success.


When you’re putting on a corporate roadshow, you need your transportation to not only get you to each new appointment on time, but to give you a space to prepare for each new presentation — and do it all in the style befitting a business titan offering up his good for a sale or an IPO. LA-Limo’s expert chauffeurs and top-tier background support teams give you every advantage and every moment of peace you can squeeze in between public outings, priming you to put on the best show you can.


Travel Agents

If you’re a travel agent looking for a limousine or coach car service for a client, LA-Limo wants to work with you. We offer a universal 10% commission on all services booked through us — so you get paid, and your clients get LA-Limo’s legendary service, quality, privacy, and dependability.

Wedding Limo

No one wants to finish off a beautiful ceremony, an incredible reception, and a memorable party by climbing into a 1999 Buick and rattling off into the sunset. End the best day of your life in style, standing out the sunroof of a beautiful late-model limousine, waving your goodbyes at all of the friends and family that just witnessed your sacred union. We’ll get you to your honeymoon in immaculate style.


Bachelorette Party Limo

Not quite wedding time? Then let us help you celebrate your last days of flying solo in true style! We’ll provide the champagne, the music, and the glitz and glam while you and your closest friends get your party on. Let’s roll from one scene to another, with or without a plan. Whatever your needs, you can be assured that no matter how hard you party, LA-Limo will drop you and your friends discreetly and safely off at your respective homes.

The Prom

There’s no night like the Prom: the dresses, the tuxes, the crowning of the King and Queen…and that long, slow ride home with your date. Make it even more memorable with a chauffeur and a private, elegant space where you can enjoy each other’s company in comfort and style.


Quinceañera Limo

There are few moments in a girl’s life that are more important than her quinceañera. Celebrate the day of your young lady’s coming of age by making every part of her day as elegant, dignified, and enriched as the Misa de Gracias — and every bit as exciting, fun, and thrilling as the reception afterward. Even getting there and home again can be part of the event — just ask LA-Limo. We’ll make sure everyone gets where they need to be in time and style.

Party Limo

It doesn’t matter what the party is for. You could be turning 40, or it might be Christmas Eve, or maybe everyone at the office just bonused for the quarter and it’s time to throw down. The point is, there isn’t a party in the world that can’t be improved by hiring a limousine, and LA-Limo knows parties like no other.


Tailgating Limousines

There are two kinds of tailgaters: the ones who think tailgating means you have to sit in the back of a pickup truck and cook brats over a charcoal grill, and the ones who arrive tastefully in a limousine that has a propane stove and all the goods necessary to put together a real party loaded up. We’re not going to argue that one is any better than the other — but if you’re the latter kind, give LA-Limo a call, and we’ll make sure your next sporting event starts with your kind of tailgate party.

LAX Airport

LA-Limo provides top-tier service to and from LAX airport. Whether you’re a frazzled family flying in from four weeks in France or an elite energy executive embarking to an electricity expo in Egypt, LA-limo can get you there — or home — on time, in comfort, and with style.

Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena International Airport

There’s nothing like reducing the stress of travel — you already have the security lines, the hour of waiting in the terminal lounge, and the dozens of minor things that seem to go wrong with every flight. Don’t add to all of that by facing traffic, airport parking, and worrying about your car being in the lot for weeks while you’re gone. Instead have LA-Limo take you to and pick you up from the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena International Airport, and enjoy your trip from the moment you leave home until the moment you get back.

Palm Springs Airport

LA-Limo will pick you up at your door and take you to Palm Springs airport no matter how late — or early — your red-eye flight is. Set up your pickup in advance and we’ll even give you a wake-up call. Arrange round-trip service, and we’ll offer you a discount.

Santa Barbara Airport

LA-Limo serves travelers coming to and from Santa Barbara airport with the most discreet, luxurious, and up-to-date limousines, coach cars, and SUVs. Whatever your needs — however large your party, no matter what hours — LA-limo is here to serve.

Long Beach Municipal Airport

Whether you’re taking a commercial flight or you’re using the private airfields, LA-Limo can get you to LGB in time, in style, and with the minimum of stress. Coming home from a long trip abroad? Have us bring your family to the field in the back of a stretch limo and enjoy the ride home with your loved ones.

John Wayne Airport Orange County

The local taxis around John Wayne Airport are particularly pricy — for just a few dollars more, you could skip the yellow and indulge your senses in a trip to the airport in the back of a beautiful, late-model LA-Limo. Why not give yourself the gift of class?

Ontario International Airport

There’s no better way to get to Ontario International Airport than in the back of a modern, fully-furnished limousine. And there’s no better limousine service than LA-Limo to get you there and back again in style. Get your trip ready today; reservations well in advance may qualify for a discount.


San Pedro Port

Embark — or disembark — your aquatic adventure in style with LA-Limo. Our chauffeur will help you get your baggage into the trunk and then on board the ship (or back up to your front door.) When you hire a limo service, it’s like making the trip to and from the port a part of your vacation!

All FBO and Private Jet Airlines

When discretion is at a premium but class is a necessity, call LA-Limo. We’ll pick you up as you step off your plane and deliver you quietly and efficiently to your destination of choice.


All LA-area GREYHOUND and other Bus Stations

There’s little worse than getting off the bus and realizing that you still have a few miles to go to get where you belong. Rather than hopping in a tiny rental car or having someone pick you up, make those last few miles count in the back of an elegant and comfortable coach car or limousine from LA-Limo. You’ll feel so much better by the time you arrive at your final destination — it’s a cure for the bus-ride blues.