Baseball, Basketball, Hockey Game Limo Service Los Angeles

Sport Events Ground Transportation and Limousine Service

What better way to arrive in style at your next sporting event than in an LA-Limo? Whether you’re a rabid chest-painted fan screaming through a half-chewed bite of hot dog or a classy box-seat season ticket holder, our comfortable cars will carry your crew to and from the big game on time and with all the amenities.

You could do it like you always do it: get in your car knowing that there’s going to be traffic, and so you leave an hour earlier than you think you have to. Then you either sit and fume in the traffic knowing you’re going to be late, or you get there too early and have to sit in your car until they start letting people in. You enjoy a few brews with the game, but you know you have to drive home again, so you can’t really cut loose. Finally, traffic is awful again on the way home.

Or you can take an LA-Limo. You’ll still leave an hour early, naturally — limos don’t make traffic disappear, they just make being in traffic fun. You can sit in our perfectly air-conditioned cabins and chat with your pals, watch other sports events on our in-car big-screen TV, or open up the window and offer people in nearby cars a jar of Grey Poupon. (LA-Limo does not provide Grey Poupon. B.Y.O.M.) Whatever you do, it’s going to be significantly less annoying then driving. During the game, you can down as many beers as you please, knowing that we’ll take you straight to your front door safely and discreetly. Afterwards, you just have to make it to the curb where your limo will pick you and your crew up and offer some post-game comfort in which to ride back home.

So take the pre- and post-game stress out of your favorite sports events. Call LA-Limo and arrange for your trip to the big game in style today.